Modern Main Door Designs for Indian Homes

As the face of your abode, your main door is the first interaction guests have with your home, making it imperative to strike a balance between aesthetic allure and modern-day functionality.

Traditional with a Modern Twist

Traditional Indian main door designs often boast intricate carvings, vibrant colours, and robust wooden texture.

Fusion of Materials

Today's main doors are a celebration of materials. The juxtaposition of block board wood with glass, metal, or even stone adds a touch of modernity while preserving the warmth associated with traditional Indian homes.

Symmetry and Geometry

The allure of symmetry and geometric patterns in main door designs is timeless.

For those who prefer understated elegance, the 3000 series offers matte laminates in patterns, wooden, marble, and solid finishes.

Security Meets Style

In an age where security is as crucial as aesthetics, modern main door designs are evolving to incorporate robust security features without compromising on style.