Gender-Balanced Investment Teams Outperform Men-Only Teams
Gender-balanced teams offer a greater mix of knowledge, experiences, and skills. For investment teams in particular, women and diverse fund managers offer a unique opportunity for value creation and diversification of strategy, deal sourcing, and impact.
Women Investors Invest More Both in Women Entrepreneurs and with a Gender Lens
Women fund managers are twice as likely as men to invest in startups with at least one woman founder and three times as likely to invest in women CEOs.
Women Investors Open up New Market Opportunities
Women investors are better placed to capitalize on the opportunities presented by industries served by women founders. These could be in childcare, eldercare, FemTech, or health, among others that typically are women founded and have a majority share of women customers.
“There is an increase in women investment professionals, even if still at entry level. Retaining them until [they are in] decision-making positions will help mirror the market and help attract women founders.”
Ragini Bajaj Chaudhary
Director-Investments, Caspian Impact Investments