In the Last 10 Years, the Sector Has Seen an Important Shift Toward Recognizing, Understanding, and Supporting Women Beyond Producers
Today the sector recognizes the diverse roles women hold as processors, agronomists, field agents, sales and marketing staff, business leaders, and agri-entrepreneurs.
The Sector Has Also Evolved from Focusing on Reaching Women to Generating Outcomes for Women
With greater understanding of the heterogeneity of the dynamics affecting women in rural livelihoods, many capital providers continue to advance how to provide right-sized, catalytic financing to agri-enterprises, especially at scale.
“There is a shift from the counting of women to really understanding reasons and benefits for including them.”
César Maita
Senior Innovation Manager, Gender, IDH
Investors and Financial Institutions Have Been Developing a Series of Financial Mechanisms That Seek to Bridge Gender Gaps in Agriculture
“Agriculture is subsidized all around the world, and several donors have stepped in to provide smart subsidies that incentivize financial institutions to make fairly-priced capital flow to women-owned businesses.”
Simona Haiduc
Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships, Opportunity International