7 Best Acoustic Panels

for Home Theaters

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Made from Pine wood strips. This Acoustic panel is one of the most widely used Panel for Home Theaters. It has a very high absorption rate of 90%

Wood wool board

Made from Polyester and Plastic PET. These are a D.I.Y Acoustic Panels that can be easily installed on to any surface using glue. Gives 75% Absorption rate.

PET Polyester

Acoustic Panel

These Polyurethane Acoustic Panels come in various shapes and sizes such as Pyramids, Egg tray, Linear. Easy to install and gives a 60 to 70% absorption rate.

PU Acoustic Panels

A Polyurethane Acoustic panel with Laminate finish. The Laminate has slotted grooves to diffuse sound waves. To be placed at proper positions to achieve good results.



These Curved Acoustic panels are made from Rockwool Insulation and are widely used in the corners of the room. Very good Bass Traps.

Curved Acoustic Panels

Perforated Acoustic panels come in various materials such as Gypsum, Plywood, MDF etc. To be backed with an insulation material like Fiber glass wool for high Absorption.


Acoustic Panel

A set of PU Acoustic panels that include Absorber, diffusers and bass traps. Good for small sized home theaters and for those who are looking for budgeted acoustic panels.

Acoustic Roominators