US embassy personnel in Sudan evacuated amid violent conflict
"US embassy personnel in Sudan have been evacuated due to ongoing violent conflict, according to sources. The evacuation was completed as of Sunday morning."
"American military officials have evacuated U.S. embassy personnel from violence-torn Sudan, Fox News can confirm."
"According to a source, diplomats and their families have been safely evacuated from Sudan, including the capital city of Khartoum, as of early Sunday morning."
"As a huge conflict unfolds in their country, the Sudanese military is collaborating with international governments to remove diplomats."
"As of April 15, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudan's armed forces have been engaged in a conflict."
"Resulting in at least 413 deaths and an estimated 3,551 injuries, according to the World Health Organization."
"According to a Reuters source, the RSF was involved in coordinating the operation to evacuate American personnel."
"Other foreign nationals from various countries were also evacuated through a Sudanese port on the Red Sea the previous Saturday."

"Despite the airport in Khartoum being disabled due to the ongoing violence, which has left many people stranded in the city, the evacuations were still conducted."

"This has resulted in numerous Sudanese citizens and foreign nationals being unable to leave."

"An unidentified American citizen was killed during the conflict, but was not an employee of the U.S. Embassy."

"The statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Friday indicated that American troops had been deployed near Sudan as a precautionary measure."