A corruption scandal

accusations of favoritism and Franco’s regimeat police in Paris

Real Madrid and Barcelona in battle of words over Spain's fascist past

Bitter opponents on and off the pitch, pressures between Genuine Madrid and FC Barcelona

have taken a startling and combustible turn with the two clubs entangled in a conflict of words about which organization was nearer to Francisco Franco during the Spanish tyrant's 36-year rule.

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The foundation for the quandary's known as the 'Caso Negreira,' a supposed arbitrator installment outrage that has landed allegations of defilement close to home.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said Barcelona's refereeing outrage is "very difficult."

Barcelona refereeing outrage one of most serious in football, says UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin

Over about two months after the embarrassment arose, FCB President Joan Laporta went out to bat for the Catalan club on Monday.

During a two-hour media meeting, which was called to freely answer charges that Barça made $7.8 million of installments more than 17 years to José María Negreira - the previous VP of Spanish soccer's refereeing board - Laporta generally adhered to his content toward the start.

There were the normal refusals and digs at extraordinary opponent Genuine Madrid, with Laporta saying the connection between the two clubs had now "soured" after Barça's adversary engaged with claims of its own.

The Barça supremo even brought along what he asserted were 629 specialized refereeing reports, 43 Albums and four different reports that negate the allegations.

In any case, the public interview before long turned toward a path no one might have expected.

Halfway through the two-hour appearance, Laporta endeavored to turn things on Genuine, demanding it had as a matter of fact forever been Los Blancos that had been leaned toward by the media and refereeing choices throughout the long term - not Barcelona.

UEFA has opened an examination concerning the 'Caso Negreira.'

UEFA opens examination concerning FC Barcelona's supposed ill-advised installments to previous ref official

Laporta gave no proof to those cases.

However, Laporta wrapped up by saying that Genuine Madrid is "a club thought about the group of the system," a reference to the club's accounted for noteworthy binds with Franco during his extremist fascism.

Franco arose the champ from Spain's 1936-39 nationwide conflict and managed the country until his demise in 1975. Great many executions were completed by his patriot system during the nationwide conflict and before long.

Most would agree Laporta's remarks didn't go down excessively well in the Spanish capital.

"We are discussing a club [Real] that has generally close connections to political, monetary and brandishing power," Laporta said.