Alisa Mathewson's 55 hours of terror
"I had been rescued from hell," said the Florida mother as she recounted her escape from being held captive by her estranged husband."
"Alisa Mathewson was sound asleep at her residence in Valrico, Florida during the wee hours of March 11, 2017."
"Despite a court order to stay away from her, Alisa's estranged husband, Trevor Summers, managed to enter her home through an open window."
"Trevor had convinced their 14-year-old daughter, Arden, to leave the window open for him by lying that he wanted to have a conversation with Alisa about reconciling."
"After successfully gaining entry into Alisa's home, Trevor dripped water on her head, startling her awake. As he dragged her into the living room, Alisa recalls that her children, Bryn and Grady, woke up screaming."
"According to Alisa, Trevor proceeded to bind her with different objects, including some of her scarves, and even used Christmas lights to restrain her for several hours."
"Around 5 a.m., Trevor ordered Arden to come into Alisa's house and retrieve her younger siblings."
"He then directed Arden to drive his minivan with the children to his own house, despite her lack of driving experience, which was limited to a parking lot."
"Throughout the day, Trevor reportedly held Alisa captive in her own home, keeping her bound most of the time and subjecting her to sexual assault."
"Alisa recounted that at one point, Trevor attempted to suffocate her using a pillow, causing her to black out. She woke up a few minutes later to find him removing the pillow."
"While at Alisa's home, Trevor recorded two videos on her cellphone. Alisa claims that he told her to keep the videos to show the police as evidence of his presence in her house."
"Later that evening, Trevor loaded Alisa, with her hands still tied, into her own SUV and drove to a Walgreens."
"At the Walgreens, Trevor purchased cold medicine, which Alisa claims he had been giving her throughout the day to keep her drowsy."
"While Trevor was inside the Walgreens, Alisa seized the opportunity to open the door of the SUV, flee the vehicle, and scream for help in the parking lot."
"Trevor hurried out of the store, forced Alisa back into the SUV, and drove off, but not before a Walgreens employee spotted Alisa in the parking lot and alerted 911."
"Trevor continued to drive through the night, and at one point, Alisa claims that he pulled over and cut her wrist with a blade, stating, "that's for getting out of the car at the Walgreens."
"With the possibility of authorities searching for them, Trevor drove down the Tampa Bay coast for several hours, eventually parking in an isolated area."
In that secluded spot, Alisa recounts that Trevor subjected her to another sexual assault. They stayed there until the early hours of Monday, March 13, 2017."
"Trevor Summers was apprehended and subsequently charged with 11 offenses, including attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual battery, and child neglect."