Poultry Farming: Taking the First Steps

There are many steps to consider when starting a poultry business. Pilmico’s Diamond program gives a clear guideline on proper livestock raising.

Improved Genetics and Breeding. Selecting and nurturing the right breeds will ensure growers achieve the target feed conversion rate, carcass weight, egg production quality, and quantity of their chickens.
Good Farm Management. Following the best farm practices will maximize efficiency of production. This requires focus on environment and water management, including regular flock monitoring, scheduling of activities, and communication and teamwork with your staff.
Excellent Nutrition and Feeding. Providing quality feeds through every growth stage of poultry will provide them with energy and the right nutrients to maximize their performance.
Complete Health Care. An effective biosecurity and a complete vaccination program will prevent highly contagious diseases from entering the farm, reduce mortality and increase the overall health of poultry.