by Go Overseas

22 September 2022

Unique Gap Year Ideas


1. Try picking up a new language!


Learning a new language like Japanese in Japan or Spanish while in Spain can help you be a better traveler, as well as become a useful skill to add to your resume when you come back home!

2. Become a certified surf instructor in Costa Rica


Love to surf? Want to help others understand your passion for the water? Consider getting certified and taking a 3-month surfing course during your gap year!

3. Help conserve endangered sea turtles in Thailand


As a volunteer, you can spend your gap year cleaning turtle tanks, conducting research, and assisting with turtle releases to ensure young turtles safely make their way back into the ocean.

4. Visit all 64 national parks in the US


From Yellowstone to Zion Park, take in the fresh air and all of the breathtaking wonders the national parks have to offer!

5. Rent a camper van and drive across the Australian outback


Whether you're looking to hike rainforests, drive through mountains, or swim in the Great Barrier Reef, you're sure to have the adventure of a lifetime.

6. Trek through mountainous views with a backpacking group


As you backpack and disconnect, you'll come home with a new appreciation for nature, stronger leadership skills, and a huge sense of accomplishment.

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