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A Backstory to Amazon Flywheel Business Model

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is behind Amazon’s worldwide success? Here’s an article on their Magic Flywheel, a strategy that was first articulated in the ’90s and continues to underpin their business today

A Backstory to Amazon Flywheel Business Model

Amazon has always had a distinct corporate structure and growth strategy that has allowed them to capture over half of the US e-commerce market. They have taken full advantage of the flywheel effect and used it in their business. The Amazon Flywheel is Amazon's version of Jim Collins's business model in his book “The Best of the Greats.” It has been the envy of many companies since Jeff Bezos created it in 2001 when he drew the chart on a napkin. The model he uses for the Amazon flywheel is no secret, but those with courage, discipline, and assertiveness are using it to boost their earnings.