How to thank your client for their business

Nothing builds a relationship like saying “thank you.”

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Saying “thank you” is polite — but saying it the right way can cement your relationship with a customer and help secure their future business.


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So how can we say thank you?

Customer thank yous work because they’re sincere.

Say thanks with a handwritten note

Sending an old-school, handwritten note is among the most sincere ways to thank a customer for something minor, like product feedback.

Write a letter

If your customer is a big-ticket account or they’re more traditional, send them a formal letter instead of a brief note.

Send an email

If you want to keep it informal and fun, send an email — and keep it casual, no offers or upselling.

A simple thank you can earn you a client for life

For more depth on how to thank your client for their business:

Pick your moment and your medium — and then start writing.