Where would your business be without your customers?

Sourcing clients and customers is the prerequisite to almost everything in your business.

(That was a
rhetorical question)

Buyer personas — or ideal customer profiles (ICPs) — are the best way to refocus your sales and marketing efforts.

A sure-fire way to find new clients is to identify your ideal customer profile.

You don’t want to risk putting out general marketing that simply misses the target. When you truly identify your ICPs, you’ll:

But why do you actually need to discover your ideal customer profile?
Save money

Save time

Close more sales

Improve customer relationships

(After all, you wouldn’t go on a road trip without a GPS, right?)

Develop your personas

in these 4 steps:

Gather data on your current customers

Create personas with your team

Segment your leads into personas

Revisit and update personas at least once a year

Create your own ICP with our essential guide to building buyer personas.

You got this