By: Kim Nagy

Why Birds are Vital to a Healthy Planet

and how you can help

Birds are a critical part of the natural world. They pollinate and disperse seeds for many plants, and they are effective in rodent and insect control. Additionally, they recycle nutrients back to the earth, helping to balance our ecosystem.
Imagine what it might be like for an exhausted bird to arrive at its migration destination, hundreds or even thousands of miles from its origin, only to discover that the landscape had been clearcut, either for development, or agriculture.
The one choice that has the most positive outcomes is to drink shade-grown organic coffee.

How does this help birds? Shade-grown coffee provides critical habitat for the birds, and organic coffee is poison-free. Organic coffee contributes to the health of the ecosystem by avoiding a mono-culture that can, over time, deplete the soil. Organic coffee preserves biodiversity, and protects our forests, local water sources, and the farmers who harvest the beans.