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The promised “New Beginning” has been fulfilled with Saudi Gazette carving a niche for itself in the digital era.

as it positions itself to be the window to project Saudi Arabia’s developmental march on the lines of Vision 2030.


About two years back, on May 2019, Saudi Gazette made its transition from a print and digital combo to an exclusive digital portal to reach a wider section of readers dynamically in real time.

By Jameel Altheyabi

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And with a variety of platforms it provided news and views on your fingertips.

I had written then, from today the presses will stop, the ink will be dry, and the crinkle of the Saudi Gazette newspaper will be heard no more.

Media consultant

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But as one chapter closes, another opens, and the spirit of Saudi Gazette will still flourish — albeit in the digital form.


Our work goes on,
our mission endures,
the war still rages
and the dream shall
never die.


As is the global trend, the media industry has been hit by the ill wind of economics. Saudi Gazette has also been buffeted by this global wind. And we hope to adopt and adapt to this change for a smooth journey ahead.

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