Learn how to say no so you can say yes

Highly considerate people can struggle saying no to others for many reasons, including:

- Wanting to please others

The Challenge

- Trying to be helpful

- Fear of conflict

Why is saying no important?

Saying no helps you establish healthy boundaries. You are less likely to feel taken advantage of and will have more time to do things that matter more to you.

Credit: The School of Life

Here's 4 ways to make saying no easier

Ask yourself:

Create criteria for what you say yes or no to.

- How else could I use my time?

- What I gain or sacrifice if I say yes?

- Do I truly want to do this?

- Am I feeling uneasy about this request?

Remember you are turning down a request, not rejecting a person.
It is your right to say no, just as it is the other person’s right to ask the favor. Chances are they will not take your refusal as personally as you might think.

Adjust your perspective

Hesitating when you know you should say no isn’t fair to the other person. You are holding up their plans and their chance to ask others.

Be prompt in your response

Keep your response simple. Don’t make up an elaborate excuse. Being straightforward and direct while also being polite and kind is what others value most.

Be Direct & Honest


Changing behavior and growing new talents is difficult, the key is to remain self-aware and persistent. Continue your learning journey and find new ways to start saying no.