Four ways to turn your managers into team coaches.

By Dave Winsborough

Of people have worked for a toxic boss.


Bad managers drive away top talent and destroy engagement.

The best managers are coaches to their teams.

Managers who put their team's needs first and work to elevate those around them retain and attract the very best talent.

- Lower staff turnover

Managers who coach their teams:

- Increase performance

- Build resilience

- Create inclusive cultures

How do good managers do coaching?

Coaching is about them, not you.

Show your team that you genuinely believe that your purpose is to make them successful.

#1 Get your mindset straight

Credit: Simone Sinek

#2 Practice the "80/20 Rule"

Don’t get frustrated when staff are slow to learn. The balance of asking questions to providing answers should be about 80/20.

Create an environment where people can speak up, make mistakes, and express ideas without fear.

#3 Create safety

A fear driven team will give you their hands, but not their hearts.

Credit: Prof. Amy Edmondson

#4 Cultivate growth mindsets

Teams with growth mindsets are more likely to persevere through challenges, learn from mistakes, and accept feedback.

Under Satya's leadership, Microsoft has created a learn-it-all culture, knowing that a growth mindset is the key to sustainable performance, engagement and innovation.

Satya Nadella



Leaders who empower their managers to become coaches will be rewarded with an engaged and high-performance workforce. Read the full article and start supporting your managers.