By: Alex Vinson Shepard

Published on March 22, 2021

Granny Flats -are Up👆🏻


Changes on the the local and state level have created a bum rush of applications from local homeowners and contractors trying to squeeze extra income from their properties

286 Approved ADUs


In 2016 only 14 granny flats were approved and 9 were built in San Diego.
In 2020 - 541 so called "ADUs or accessory dwelling units were approved and 286 were built.

2016 VS 2020

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Most were built

Near Beaches in the coastal communities and downtown.


Neighbors are pissed

Local homeowners are complaining- saying these units are leading to overcrowding our communities and parking shortages. Claiming these are being used as vacation rentals.


But living is expensive!

My clients see it as the only way they can afford to own a home in San Diego. They are looking for properties that have that potential for future rental income.
What do you think? Neighborhood Blight OR
Are granny flats necessary to keep things affordable?


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