Speak your customer's language
Why CMOs are prioritizing local language experiences in India
India has
internet users.
exclusively use English online.1
only 2%
Are marketers meeting the growing need for
Indian language users are frustrated by their limited options online.
This last page is in English.
I usually fill forms myself. Now,
I have to get someone else’s help. This should also have been in Telugu.
Male, 49, Vijayawada
Poorly translated content can also disrupt purchase journeys.
I understand Hindi well, but not (non-colloquial) Hindi words like taral (liquid) here. I have not heard of this word since school. No one understands these anymore.
Female, 22, Kanpur
8 in 10
users want to use their regional languages when shopping online.2
People feel reassured by
local language experiences,
helping them shop more confidently
Earlier (when the description was in English), I would only look at the picture and choose, but now it is in Tamil and it is very helpful.
Male, 33, Coimbatore
and creating stronger connections and love for your brand.
This site is in Hindi. I can clearly understand what to do… on my own. I will tell my friend to try it now and book a class for her kid.
Female, 22, Nagpur
See better results with end-to-end localization.
Indic language keywords
Indic language ad copy
Indic language landing page
Indic language speaking customer support
By creating a seamless Hindi experience, HDFC Mutual Fund saw:
Dive into our UX Playbook
featuring 5 practical principles
for building local language experiences on your apps and websites.
Learn more
Mobile Transformation Lead, Google India: Pratyush Sinha
Product Marketing Manager, Google India: Meet Paswan
Story: Jess Duarte, Shuang Ang


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