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Decision-making today is more complex than ever. 
In a hybrid world where disinformation is common, and global events impact us personally, the immense sense of uncertainty makes it harder for us to feel confident about decisions. 
So we want to be extra certain about the decisions we make.
74% of consumers in Australia want to feel they’ve done their due diligence to make the right decision.1
To get there, we need to close the
confidence gap.
The confidence gap is the space between wondering and knowing, before people arrive at a confident decision.
Closing the gap can be more effortful, given today’s uncertainties.
Getting stuck in the gap can cost us, and businesses.
1 in 3
consumers decided not to buy a brand they were considering because they felt anxious or not sure of their choice.2
To get out of the gap, confidence signals matter.3
Underpinning these six signals is a trusted platform.
Google Search is the No. 1 most trusted online platform,4 and the top platform where consumers in Australia and New Zealand look to find information.5
Trusted platforms are critical to closing the gap.
Across AUNZ we also see that more than 90% of shoppers say YouTube gives them confidence in their final decision.6
With the
right signals, a
shift can
When the right signals appear in the right format, at the right point in a purchase journey, a confidence shift happens for consumers.
With the shift comes growth and profit.
In Australia, consumers who are confident with their product choice before purchasing, are 32%
more likely to repurchase that product.7
To power the
shift, immense skill, scale, and speed are needed.
It’s necessary to analyse countless customer journeys and predict purchase pathways in a split second to show up with the right signals, in the right format, at the right time, for numerous customers all at once.
With Google AI, you can power the confidence shift.
Google AI-powered ads let you identify the most useful insights, predict your most valuable customers, generate the most relevant content, to drive conversions at speed and scale.
And for that, you need effective measurement.
By responsibly and accurately measuring how customers engage with you, the consented first-party data can be activated with Google AI to drive results.
With Google AI-powered ads, you can drive profits.
Video Reach Campaigns
that are optimised for
efficient reach with
Google AI deliver 16%
lower CPM and up to
44% more reach. 8
Advertisers who use
Performance Max
drive on average over
18% more conversions
at a similar cost
per action.9
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