Find spring in the city with
these 7 blooms

published date: april 1, 2021

Go on the Singapore flower trail

1. Trumpet Tree

These pastel pink flowers bloom after heavy rains following a long hot and dry spell, usually between March and April, August and September.

Spot it at: Various parks, including Ulu Pandan Park Connector, and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

2. Pink Mempat

These light pink, cherry blossom-like flowers release a faint fragrance. They usually grow in clusters between one and six flowers.

Spot it at: Tampines Expressway, Pasir Ris Park.

3. Cat Claw Ivy

These tightly-packed yellow flowers grow in clusters. They are woody vines that climb by means of claw-shaped leaf tendrils and adventitous roots.

Spot it at: Havelock Road, Punggol East.

4. Yellow Saraca

Flowers appear orange, yellow or some say even golden. Plus, if you’re out at night, you might smell a slight fragrance.

Spot it at: Serangoon Park Connector.

5. Malayan Crape Myrtle

Blooming a few times a year, the crinkled flowers fade from rich mauve and pale pink to creamy white with age. But you might first notice its leaves, which are a rich coppery red.

Spot it at: East Coast Park, Tampines Expressway, Tampines Ave 7.

6. Bougainvillea

Possibly the showiest of flowers, with glossy, green leaves and paper-like bright purple petals. This cultivar can be pruned into a shrub or allowed to grow as a vining climber.

Spot it at: Many parts of Singapore, including East Coast Parkway.

7. Yellow Flame

Look out for bright yellow crinkled flowers, with a reddish brown centre. Blooms typically between March and May, and September and November.

Spot it at: Alexandra Road, Botanic Gardens, Sixth Aveune.

Happy flower spotting!

flower power
flower power

SOURCE: PHOTOS by NPARKS, Tee Swee Ping, Pauline Tay, Lee Jia Hwa, Jonathan Goh, Kalthom Abd Latiff, Rayvert Goh, Atif Sazali, Steven Lau, Hanim Yahman, Shi Biying, Vicky Lim Yen Ngoh, Cerlin Ng.


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