Loaves from Around the World: A Bread Making Journey
Our first stop: the bustling streets of Cairo, where the air is rich with the scent of fresh 'Eish Baladi', an Egyptian staple.
Venture into the quiet monasteries of Europe where Trappist monks bake bread in silence, a testament to their spirituality.
Cross the continents to Japan, where the soft and sweet 'Melonpan' captures the essence of innovation in bread.
Sail to the windswept fjords of Scandinavia, where rye is king, and 'Rugbrød' reigns with its dense and nourishing crumb.
In the lively markets of India, discover 'Naan', a pillowy soft delight often paired with aromatic curries.
Witness the artful folds of 'Fougasse' in France, a bread as beautiful as it is delicious, often adorned with herbs and olives.
The journey of bread-making is a story of culture, tradition, and the simple magic of turning flour, water, and yeast into a loaf of bread that feeds the soul.