Understanding the UK's New Rules for XL Bully Dogs
Obtaining a Certificate of Exemption for your XL Bully dog is crucial to continue lawful ownership. Learn what steps to take to secure this certificate.
With the ban in full effect, XL Bullies must be leashed and muzzled in public spaces. Breeding and selling the breed is now prohibited.
To know if your dog is classified as an XL Bully, compare its physical features against government guidelines and photographic examples.
Failing to meet new regulations leaves owners with the grim option of euthanasia for their XL Bullies. Urgent actions must be taken to claim the compensation offered.
The new rules have sparked debate. Many believe this approach isn't solving the issue of dog attacks but rather punishing a breed for its appearance.
In response to criticism, authorities emphasize their commitment to public safety and elaborate on the penalties for non-compliance.
The new era for XL Bully dogs in the UK brings challenges and changes. It concludes with a plea for responsible ownership and adherence to these rigid standards.