How can I prove my vaccination status?

For those double jabbed and aged 14 or older, you can get a digital certificate using your Medicare online account through myGov. You can see your name, date of birth, valid date and a big white tick on the certificate.

Get a Covid-19 digital certificate

You may have to wait for up to 10 days to receive the certificate, according to Services Australia. Once it’s there, you can add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

You can't get a Covid-19 digital certificate. You can only get the certificate after you have had both Covid-19 vaccinations and your vaccine providers record them to the Australian immunisation register.

What if I've only had one dose?

However, you can use your immunisation history statement as proof for your one dose.

You can add your overseas Covid-19 vaccine record to the Australian immunisation register. However, this is only applicable to Covid-19 vaccines that are approved for use in Australia AND received on or after the date it was approved.

I took my vaccines overseas

You can ask a recognised vaccination provider (i.e. a practising GP or pharmacy) to add your overseas vaccination records
on the Australian

Currently, they are: AstraZeneca Vaxzevria, Moderna Spikevax, Pfizer Comirnaty and Johnson & Johnson Janssen-Cilag.

Services Australia say only Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in Australia by the TGA can be added to the immunisation register.

Which vaccines are approved?

The federal government also said it was finalising the process of vaccination proof for people who received recognised vaccines overseas.

If you are in Victoria, you need to show a medical certificate or a letter from a CHO-approved medical practitioner before entering venues open only for the fully vaccinated.

If you are in NSW, you need to ask your doctor to sign a vaccine medical contraindication form and carry it with you.

I can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons

It also said the proof would include a QR code that can be accessed globally, addressing the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

In early October, the federal government announced that an internationally recognised proof of vaccination document would be issued for Australians who plan to travel overseas “in coming weeks”.

What proof do I need to travel overseas?